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 Apricot Hills (Humor, Relationships)

Available now in paperback and Kindle.

George and Sam, two elderly gentlemen, feel life is too painful being away from their wives of many years and decide to do something about it. Their wives, Rita and Annie, are in the Apricot Hills Nursing Home, both suffering from Alzheimer’s. George and Sam figure the only way to ease their pain is to act crazy enough to get admitted to Apricot Hills. It will take some scheming, but well worth the effort. The residents and staff have no idea of the chaos they are about to endure.

Sheriff Billy Moon (Western - available on and Kindle)(paperback - $10.00///Kindle - $4.00)

Life in the "Wild West" was not really that wild. Oh, there were gunfights, train and stagecoach robberies, cattle rustling, and the occassional natural disaster, but most of the time it was just a boring daily struggle to survive. When Billy "Moonie" Moon is elected Sheriff of Poplar Ridge, Wyoming, at the young age of twenty-five, his life takes on a new sense of direction and meaning. He will become a legend in a time of growth in America. In these pages, you will look over the shoulder of a man of truth, honesty, and justice. You will learn what it means to give without expecting any reward for your efforts, and you will gain a sense of pride in this great land through the life of Sheriff Billy Moon.

The Victorian Terror (Historical Crime Mystery - order through my email or or Kindle or Create Space - paperback $8.00/ Kindle-$4.00) More info below. Very good book!! I am getting some great feedback on this one from all over the world.

Inspectors Swanson and Abberline of Scotland Yard suspect that Jack the Ripper could be a woman, and that woman is Lady Monrovia. Investigating the gruesome murders takes them through the soot coated back streets of Whitechapel in search of a murderer who mutilates women, then disappears like a ghost. Follow the clues as the Inspectors sort out the fact from fiction.

Mind Mints (Short Stories, poem, jokes) order from Create Space paperback $5.00 //Kindle $1.00


Sam's Book of Poetry (Poems- order through my email or Create Space book form only)$5.00//Kindle $1.00


Published- Dust on the Saddle by J.L. Clark (204 pages)

Bill Parker lives in a unique time in the history of the United States. Ride along as he witnesses some of the events which formed the era called “The Wild West.” Experience everything from cattle drives to gunfights, from blinding snow to prairie fires, from happiness to heartbreak, from the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon to the breathtaking view in the brothel windows. Parker’s fame as a trick shooter rivaled that of the greatest legends of all time. Stand in the streets of Dodge City, Laramie and Cheyenne beside the great lawmen and feel the sweat form on your brow. Death may only be a heartbeat away. Straighten your hat and check your Colt, it is time to hit the trail with William Henry Parker.

"Dust on the Saddle" (Western) has been published and is available through most on-line bookstores and Kindle. Check around for the lowest price. I must apologize for the bad grammer and spelling. It was my first attempt and I learned a lot from it. It's a great story, though. It is also available on Kindle.

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