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Author Bio: Jerry L. Clark (pen name- Jack Collins)


Welcome to my website. If you have time, send me an email at There is a lot to read on the site and in my books. Enjoy!

I was born in Turkey Creek, Louisiana, August 13, 1949. Yep, I'm an old phardt. I graduated from Galena Park High School in May,1967, and joined the United States Air Force in September of that year. My first assignment was to Kunsan, Korea, where I found out what cold really meant. The temperature could hit 40 below 0 in mid winter. I spent the next twenty-two years in the Air Force, traveling around the world. Altogether, I spent six years in the U.S., two years in Korea, and fourteen years in England. I really loved it there. My wife, Sue, was from England. I retired in 1989, and spent the next year working as a deputy sheriff. I got tired of getting shot at for $5.00 an hour, so we sold everything and moved to Seattle, Washington. I went to ITT Tech for two years while working nights as a security guard. I can tell you, I didn't get much sleep during that time. Still, it was worth it. I graduated with honors and had a degree in Applied Science. That's my real passion. I love science. I do have other hobbies. I taught myself how to play six different musical instruments, got good enough at oil painting to sell a few, won numerous first place awards with my poetry, started playing golf when I turned fifty and hold a U.S. Patent on a piece of golf equipment. While I was in England, I took up darts and competed against the best in the world. I even played for the County of Cambridgeshire. That's about the same level as a professional team in sports over here in the United States. We moved to Hawkins, Texas, in 1993, and have been here ever since. In?, I decided to write a book. The result was "Dust on the Saddle"written under my real name. The story is great, but has a lot of typos in it. I learned a lot about writing and have improved a great deal. Since then, I have written a few others which you will see on this site. Some were written under my pen name, Jack Collins. I hope you read some or all of them. One thing you'll notice about my books, they are full of action. Thank you for taking the time to read this bio. I wish you the best of luck and more happiness than the government allows. Remember, please tell your friends about my site and books.

Note: My wife passed away from brain cancer recently. I will miss her very much. She was a wonderful woman taken in the prime of her life.

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Me and my cousin Vickie- about 2 years old.

(I still have that pair of shoes I'm wearing in the picture)

 Me at 2 years old

 Me at 9 years old


Me - Graduation picture Galena Park High School 1967


 Busy busy busy

 Recent pic. Horrible photo. Makes me look too rugged. Time and gravity are no friends.