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Crime Drama (Body parts are scattered along the beach.

One of these parts holds a secret which will solve a thirty year old case.)

Fantasy ( A young archaeologist is given a puzzle by

his professor. He solves it and finds Chantis, a young

woman who lived 4,000 years ago and falls in love with

her, but he has to choose whether to stay or return to

his own time.)

Sci-Fi (Callisto is going to burn up, the government has

just sent all the space transports to Earth to evacuate the

last remaining humans to Mars. There are no transports

left to evacuate the people left on Callisto . . . on purpose.)

Sci-Fi (After you read this novel, you'll never want to turn on

your computer again.)


1939 Crime Drama (A recently retired NY City detective

is sitting on the Honolulu Clipper, a B-314 Flying Boat, waiting

 for his first drink to be brough by the stewardess. She tells him

there is a passenger who has been shot in the back sitting in the

 next compartment. Nobody heard or saw anything. Now, it's

up to him to solve the crime and catch the murderer.

(War) This is a story about two young people in a time of war.

The German military machine is rolling across Poland and

are destroying everything in its path. The journey of Annia

and Felek is one of love and hardship. Throughout this

time of tribulation they will never give up the hope of survival.

WWII Love Story

Western (I painted this picture for the book cover)

 WW I Adventure (What's it really like to face your enemy?)

The Great Depression (Human Interest- You are 16

years old and alone. You walk out to the road and

look in both directions. The choice you make will determine

the rest of your life. It is time to choose.)