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The Polyandrist Murders

Caution- This book contains some sexually suggestive material necessary for character development and may not be appropriate for some readers. The story wouldn't work if she was a Nun. Cherri is what every woman would like to be if they knew they could get away with it.

Polyandry is defined as a woman having more than one husband. Cherri Mason has three husbands, all of whom are wealthy. They, also, have the same last name; Mason. There are many ways to describe a woman; warm, sensuous and loving, none of which would fit Cherri. She is, mentally, a cross between an ice cube and Jack the Ripper, and an international business woman, dealing in rare antiques. Her true love is money, and she will do just about anything to get as much of it as she can, including murder. Her body is merely another tool, and what a body. She is in her mid thirties, has long, natural blonde hair, every bit of six feet tall, blue eyes, a smile that would deceive a politician, legs up to her neck, and an IQ over 140. When you read this book, make sure you get comfortable, turn on the fan, and have something cool to drink at hand, because it's going to get real hot before things cool down. Planning three flawless murders takes some doing, although, Cherri is not one to pass up an opportunity. Naturally, she gets some cops on her tail, but things aren't always what they seem. The detectives of the NYPD are joined by Detective Sokitumy (pronounced- sock it to me) from Tokyo, and Detective Chief Inspector Payne from London, to track her down, but finding her is like looking for a shadow at midnight. She meets up with some interesting friends along the way, too. When you combine an unbridled lust for wealth, insomnia, stunning beauty, and a rum and coke with your bacon and eggs, you get Cherri Mason.