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The Victorian Terror


In 1888, the city of London experienced the horror of a series of brutal murders. Scotland Yard detectives were to become a part of the most intense investigation in its history. A murderer was on the loose, but not the usual kind of beast. This mad man or woman mutilated the victims. Inspectors Swanson and Abberline were two of the main detectives involved in the case. Even Queen Victoria was pressing the Metropolitan Police to catch this maniac. With over a hundred suspects, Scotland Yard had one big problem to solve. Jack the Ripper would kill and fade into the fog shrouded streets like a ghost. After a while, a theory was put forth that the reason the killer was so illusive was because the Ripper may be a woman, possibly a mid-wife. That would explain why the person would go unnoticed walking around in the middle of the night. Inspectors Swanson and Abberline followed several clues and a suspect emerged. Since the female of interest was of royal peerage, a delicate situation evolved. Follow the investigation as the two detectives pursue the truth about Lady Monrovia. Could she be the infamous Ripper? You'll have to figure that out for yourself. To this day, the identity of Jack the Ripper has not been found. It has been one of the most studied cases in history. We may never know the true name of the murderer. Test you skills. You may find that one vital clue that breaks the case. Join the detectives as they search for The Victorian Terror.

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